Using Twitter To Increase Website Traffic

Using Twitter To Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Twitter is an ideal venue to produce targeted website traffic for your business. When it comes to website promotion, novice online marketers initially think of ways to increase traffic on their website to boost the probability of converting those traffic numbers into sales. How does the new trend of web 2.0 marketing, specifically a microblogging tool known as Twitter, serve your cause?

Use of Proper Twitter Strategy to get targeted website traffic

You cannot jump right in without proper strategy and plan. When deciding on a tactic to use, you have to first identify and align it with your business goals and needs so you are not wasting your efforts on anything.

As an act of generosity, you tend to follow back whoever is following you on Twitter. While this expands your network, it does little to advance your business goals. You basically end up with a follower list that is not necessarily interested in your business or products. So, the click-through rate gradually decreases since these people will pay less attention to your tweets.

A better solution would be to follow only people that would find interest in your website or your services. When they follow you back, you get a well-targeted network of fellow Twitters that boost your click-through rate.

This bit of tip is obvious. However, many online businessmen still fail to utilize this advice to increase targeted website traffic. For every post or “tweet” that you make, never forget to include a link to your website. Look at your post as a teaser and leave them with a promise of more information to encourage them to click on the link you have provided for them.

At all times, avoid posting more than one link at the end of your tweet. This might lead people to categorize you as spam. If you are running a legitimate business, then you must only invest your time in using legitimate promotional means.

Encourage Retweets

Viral marketing has also penetrated the world of Twitter. As much as it benefits your followers, the biggest gainer here is your business. Specifically, this method is called Retweet. It goes like this: when you “tweet” something that is of interest to one of your followers, you give them the right to “retweet” that to share on their network of friends, who might share the same interest as the person who decided to “retweet” your post. The act of content sharing even for people outside your direct network helps to echo your business’ marketing efforts.

Content is Key!

Your efforts at increasing targeted website traffic all boil down to the content of your website. Invest in quality content to retain your visitors. Your ability to communicate to them why your business is essential to them is vital in keeping your business afloat in a sea of competitors.

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