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Traffic, “Instant Traffic” and GOOD Website Traffic

Imagine, for one second, that you own a store in downtown L.A.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, whether it be clothes, appliances, gadgets or some other necessities.

Wouldn’t it be better for business if many people are coming to your store?  Wouldn’t it be a sign of a bustling enterprise if your aisles are filled with countless potential customers sifting through your products, contemplating whether they should purchase them?  Wouldn’t you have a better chance of making a profit if more people passed through your entrance door?

It doesn’t matter if all of them eventually decide to buy something from your shop or not.  What matters is that the more people who visit your store, the higher the chances you’ll have that your products will be bought.

Additionally, the people who visit your store may tell their friends and loved ones about the business you’re running, which could result in the influx of more potential customers in the coming days.

Immediately, with this illustration, you come to realize a very basic fact in business.  The more people who visit your store, the better your chances are of achieving success.

But what is the importance of this example for an online business, you might ask?

How do we increase our online sales?

Well, there are of course a lot of possible answers to this question.  Surely, the primary ingredient for lively business is a sellable product, one that is of high quality and tailor-made for a market that is hungry for what that product can offer.

Another, most definitely, is the use of an efficient website that will serve as your online store where you can display your goods, accept orders, and process payments.

Then there is the matter of automation, which will allow you to earn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Automation will transform your online business into a passive income machine, capable of earning profit even when you’re offline.

You need to generate TRAFFIC to be able to generate SALES.

It is a pretty simple formula:

More traffic = More sales

There’s no need to complicate things.  You simply cannot generate sales without traffic.

As with our illustration at the beginning of this piece, your website will serve as your online store. Your website will be used as a place where you can display your products, where you can persuade people to buy them, where you can take in orders, and where you can process payments.

How will you be able to do all of these if no one visits your website?

You need traffic.  It is essential for your business’ success… and its survival.  There are no ifs and buts about it, my online friend.  Without traffic, your business is as good as dead.

This isn’t meant to scare you.  Rather, it’s meant to inspire you.  If you manage to generate a substantial volume of traffic for your website, you’d have a business that will be booming with sales left and right.  And the buzzword that you will be able to stir up will benefit your online enterprise for a long, long time.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business.

The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as instant traffic.  You simply cannot employ a strategy with the hopes of generating a boost in the number of website visitors overnight.  Not even divine providence can grant you that.

Yes, there are fast ways to generate traffic for your website.  Some of them have unparalleled expedience.  But there simply isn’t a strategy in existence that will give you traffic as instantaneously as you employ them.

You will need some patience and a whole lot of commitment to be able to get the traffic your business needs. Patience and commitment are two things that this eBook does not, and cannot, teach you.  These are virtues that you will have to master on your own.

There are no “instant” routes to the Promised Land.

But there are good routes. Great routes.  Routes that have been proven effective and worthy of your time.

Everything is possible for as long as you have the patience, commitment, and the knowledge on how to proceed with things.

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