The eCommerce platform I use

I was looking for an easy and fast way to organize and sort out my business products and special offers. Thankfully I discovered the DELAVO membership.

Amongst other things, today I use DELAVO to sell my products allowing customers to choose from more than one payment systems and/or credit card processors.

One of the lifesavers is that I can create a membership with just one click and sell access to it; DELAVO automatically adds the customer and sends his/her username and password (or there is an option to display the login codes in the thank you page.)

Clients can access my central site to reach the products and/memberships they have bought – all under one roof. Besides, they can easily get their affiliate link/s so they can start promoting my products and earn commissions.

DELAVO also includes a built-in autoresponder with follow-up messages, so there is no need to pay for any extra service.

Getting started is easy and very hassle-free. You can install DELAVO on the hosting you get through the membership (illustrated instructions make the whole process really easy. Once you have installed it, the job is done and you can start selling your products.

DELAVO is the all-in-one software: it’s a Product Manager, Download Manager, Universal Payment Manager, Refund Manager, Automatic Access and Password Generator, Membership Manager, Sales Manager and much more.

All of the things you are looking for are there. All in one complete membership at a fair price. This is the best way to expanding and enlarging your online business providing good management and consolidating your business with ease.

Check the DELAVO membership here.

Nick Bullimore

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