No One Copywriter Was Born With The Ability to Write Copy

None of the best copywriters were born with the ability to write copy

Copywriting is a critical part of selling anything in any type of business.  Copywriting is what determines how effective your sales letters are in selling your products/services.  Obviously, you need to sell as many of your products/services as possible in order to survive and thrive for the long term.  If your sales letters are not persuasive enough to convince your prospects that they should purchase your products/services, then your business will struggle to survive.

Therefore, it is critical that your sales letters convert at a high level in order to turn more prospects into buyers.  Usual sales letter conversion ratios will vary by industry or niche, but anywhere from 5-10% is considered solid or better.  This is why many Internet marketers will focus on getting targeted traffic to their websites.  However, it’s the quality and persuasiveness of the sales letter that will determine how valuable that traffic truly is, as targeted traffic that reaches your website but doesn’t purchase will turn out to be pretty worthless to your business, at least in the short-term (and without following up with that traffic).

However, it often costs a small fortune to hire a quality copywriter to improve the conversion ratios of your sales letters.  While you may be able to hire an up-and-coming copywriter who is honing his/her craft, you’ll still likely pay $100-$250 and more for a sales letter, and the inexperience of the copywriter may lead to less than satisfactory results than you are expecting.  Hence, what can you do?

You can work to improve your own copywriting skills.  You may be thinking, “But I’m not a copywriter – how can I improve my skills to the point where I can convert more of my prospects into buyers?”

The key point to remember is that none of the noted copywriters – from Gary Halbert to Ted Nicholas to John Carlton and Robert Collier – were born with the ability to write copy; they all developed that ability over time, which means that you can also improve your own copywriting skill over time as well.

The key is, you must practice writing copy in order to improve your copywriting skills.  Just reading sales letters is not going to do it; you must physically write copy and break it down to understand the fundamental processes of what makes a great copy before you can actually begin writing the great copy yourself.

It will take time, effort, and patience to improve your copywriting skills, but once you succeed at improving your copy, not only will you improve the conversions of your sales letters without breaking the bank to hire a noted copywriter, you can offer your copywriting skills to other online and offline businesses, earning nice sums of money for writing your own sales letters.  The fact that online, offline, and mobile marketing is going to continue flourishing for the foreseeable future, the need for great copywriting is only going to increase as we head into the future.

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