Get More Traffic To Your Blog

5 easy ways to get more traffic to your blog

Getting traffic isn’t rocket science; it’s actually pretty easy when you know a few of the best tricks pro-bloggers use every day to get more traffic to their blogs. Here are five of those tricks:

#1. Create a-not-so-secret inner circle of your best buddies.

  • Put together a list of your very best and most influential readers. These are the ones who regularly interact with you or post replies to your posts, share your posts with their followers, send you articles, buy your products and so forth.
  • Put these folks on your special inner circle list, and email them to let them know of their newly attained status. Let them know the benefits – they’ll get to see your posts before the general public and they’ll be apprised of any new offerings, updates and ideas before anyone else.
  • Solicit their feedback on your posts. This creates a sense of ownership for them and increases the odds they will go out of their way to share your content with their followers.
  • Give them special benefits to thank them for their help, and offer to help them in return.

#2. Make it brain dead easy to share your content.

If content is too difficult to share, your readers and inner circle are less likely to share it. So add the appropriate social sharing buttons for sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

#3. in-depth content that makes your readers look sexy-smart.

Here’s a little secret: People like to look super smart to their readers and friends. Okay, so maybe it’s not a secret. But the fact is, in-depth articles tend to get shared more because the people sharing them want their friends to think they read in-depth articles. Plus, when someone new lands on your in-depth article, they are more likely to subscribe to get even more info than if they land on a simple fluff piece.

Another secret: Posts with images, lists and videos will attract over 5 times more links than posts containing only plain text. So don’t stop at just the words – add things like images and graphs to make it share-worthy.

#4. Cheat. Just a little.

This isn’t really cheating, but it sure feels like it. Look at your old content and find the pieces that are still relevant, whether they were written 3 months ago or a year ago. Now share them again via social media. This way you get new traffic without having to write new content – how awesome is that.

#5. Write a mini-sales letter to promote each blogpost.

Traditionally, when a blogger writes a new post she sends out the title and first paragraph to her list with an invite to click the link and read the rest. But the real meat of a blogpost isn’t in that intro paragraph, which is why this method isn’t worth beans.

Instead, write a mini sales letter that gets the email reader curious and excited to know more. This doesn’t have to be long; 50 -100 of the right words are perfect. Build curiosity and show them what the big benefits/takeaways of reading your article will be, and your click-through rates should double if not triple.

That’s it – 5 simple ways to increase your blog traffic.

Pick out your favorite and try it right now, then make a note to use the other 4 within the next 7 days and you should begin to see a real boost in your traffic within the month.

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