Good Home Business Copywriting Ideas

Home Business Copywriting Ideas

When you do any online research about home based businesses, you will likely find thousands of results that tell you that the most successful and easiest business to start from your home is a copywriting business. You can make a great living without ever having to get dressed or leave the privacy of your own […]

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Copywriting For Search Engine and Web Users

Good Copywriting For Search Engine and Web Users

When site owners create content for their website, they are often faced with a dilemma: should they write for the search engine or its human readers? If you can write a good copy for your human visitors, they will gain interest in your product or business and generate the revenue you are aiming for. If […]

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No One Copywriter Was Born With The Ability to Write Copy

None of the best copywriters were born with the ability to write copy

Copywriting is a critical part of selling anything in any type of business.  Copywriting is what determines how effective your sales letters are in selling your products/services.  Obviously, you need to sell as many of your products/services as possible in order to survive and thrive for the long term.  If your sales letters are not […]

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The Four Can't Miss Keys To Copyright

The 4 Can’t Miss Keys To Copyright

Copyright is the writer’s security blanket. It just makes you feel better to know your words are protected. I once knew a writer who was so scared his work would be stolen, he never sent it anywhere. Talk about counterproductive! But if you can understand these four simple copyright keys, you can rest easy and […]

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Strengtheners For Your Sales Copy

You’re Not Done Yet: Eight Strengtheners For Your Sales Copy

Writing sales copy for a new or to-be-relaunched product takes a lot of energy and concentration. When you finish that first draft, take a rest. Then go back to what you’ve written with this sales copy checklist, which outlines the eight most frequent corrections and improvements I make on copy given to me by clients […]

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Plagiarism: A Case Of Copy & Paste

“Fine words! I wonder where you stole ’em.” – Jonathan Swift Whether you write for the web or a magazine it can be tempting to lift a sentence or complete thought and move it into the body of your work. After all, it seems to ft the premise you are working on and you’re facing […]

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Starting Framework Before You Write Your sales letter

Laying Down the Framework Before You Write Your sales letter

Before you jump into that comfortable office chair with an extra-large coffee and begin typing up the perfect sales letter, you need to take a big step backwards. There are two extremely important things that need to be done before you can even begin to write a sales letter. •  First and foremost, you need […]

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Write Copy That Sells

How To Write Copy That Sells

One of the most expensive business tasks to outsource is hiring a copywriter to write the sales copy for your products and services. Fortunately, you can learn to write effective sales copy yourself, and the strategies below will help you get off to a great start. By the way, you can apply these proven techniques […]

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Ghost Writing And Copyright

The Inside Scoop on Ghost Writing and Copyright

Ghost writing sounds like cheating, but it isn’t. Hiring a ghostwriter for a book, speech or article is common practice and very acceptable; in fact, some experts say that up to 40% of all published books are ghostwritten. It may not be acknowledged as such, but ghostwriting is a standard practice for all sorts of […]

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Five SEO Techniques

Five SEO Techniques That Can Assist You

They claim in reality that the key to success is location. The most profitable bistros and gasoline stations are the ones on the edges of active highways. Sites are no different if you want website visitors, website traffic, income, and sales. You want the leading online search engine results for your key phrases so that you […]

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